Where is the PUP detection setting?

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EIS 2016 on Win 10 Pro. 


Just finished reading the emailed 'Tips' article about PUPs and was eager to confirm I had PUP detection enabled, but I don't see a setting for it.  A commenter on the article posted the same question & was furnished an answer but the thread itself is 3 years old and didn't apply to my system. Is PUP detection simply always on now, or included in a more broadly named checkbox?

Thanks in advance.


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Open EIS main GUI. Go to "Protection" tab and then:


File Guard --> PUP Detection --> choose your preferred behaviour

Surf Protection --> PUP Host --> choose your preferred behaviour

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You can find PUP detection by opening Emsisoft Internet Security, clicking on Protection, and then clicking on File Guard in the menu at the top. The setting for PUP detections applies to both the File Guard and the scanner.

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