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I am currently using the following on my laptop which is XP Home.

Norton IS 2011 beta, MBAB Pro (real time), Win Patrol.

I am wondering if Mamutu will run alongside these, and how best to use it. Should it run real time or on demand?

What security does it add to what I am using? Would you suggest that I remove MBAM? I consider that I am pretty much an average user as far as computer expertise is concerned.

I used a-squared for awhile, but FPs discouraged me. Thanks.



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Hi Jerry, welcome to the forum

Mamutu should run fine alongside with existing AV

It is a Behavioral Blocker, so it does not rely on Signatures... therefore the question

... Should it run real time or on demand?...
is incorrect (please don't get me wrong).

It analyzes the code that has to be executed (rather before it will do that); the actions taken and decides whether such actions and the result could potentially be considered as a malicious.

Since you asked - that is basically what it is adding to current AV solutions (any) that can miss zero-day/ hour threats that are still unknown concerning the signatures, which may be not updated yet

Other than that please read the documentation /Help file/ Forum/ & the articles published by Emsisoft ...

As for compatibilities read our old forum - there a special threads about it ...

Mainly, Mamutu is compatible with most if not all security.

Definitely you should consider that any new versions can bring surprises especially if you are running betas (Symantec was mentioned)

Finally , what you have to consider regarding what has to be run on-demand is - Norton or MBAM

You should not have 2 AV/Anti-Malware solutions running with their real time residents active

Even having one of them set as-on-demand may cause system clashes - that is not always trivial to maintain even setups like that for users with less experience (not that I'm doubting your own skills with computers)

My regards

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Hi Lynx,

Thanks for the welcome and reply.

I have found that MBAM runs well with all the AVs I have used, including KIS, F-Secure, Avast,

Avira, and Norton.

Based upon your information I would install Mamutu and let it run.

I appreciate the help.



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You are welcome, Jerry

Thanks for the reply .. I hope you got my PM as well, since I was adding info not seeing you reading the thread


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