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Why is Emsisoft behavior blocker "simplistic making no distinction between valid programs and malware" and "it needs to aggregate multiple behaviors and make a clear distinction between malicious programs and valid programs that do some of the same things. ThreatFire 4.5 (Free, ) is an example of intelligent behavior-based malware protection, as is the SONAR 2 technology used in Norton."

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PCMag seems to favor Norton (also in US products as Emsi has stated). According to their reviews, Norton seems to outperform every product in the market, but in my experience, it's decent but not worth being "the king of the hill"! I have 3 comps at home, 2 have Norton as main security program with MBAM and Emsisoft as backup (on-demand of course). On my PC, I use Emsisoft, MBAM and Norton together (as I'm a security conscious person :lol: ) without conflicts.

Why so many someone may ask, simply because I don't trust Norton that much, wouldn't rely on Symantec products only as their products either are not as good as they used to be, or newer products from other companies are simply better. I trust Emsisoft more and I just don't know what the author of the mentioned article was talking about, if a installed security product is not sure about a program, it should notify the user and that's what Emsisoft does. Norton does it all the time when I download less-well-known programs, it doesn't even have a clue and lets the program go pass anyway. IMO that's dangerous, it should confirm with the user first, then let them decide and take actions later.

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