Logging ate my hard disk.

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Im not sure if you can classify this as an issue, but it was an issue for me :P


I had forgotten to disable the verbose logging option in registry, and whenever

I played a game for a few hours, I would discover that 60gb of my disk space was gone.


I eventually discovered my missing disk space was going to ProgramData\Emsisoft\Logs


Unfortunately I couldn't say what was really triggering the issue, as the log files were too

big to be read by several programs.


I disabled verbose debug output, and that solved that.

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There are certain text editors that can open large files like that. Some of them will attempt to read the entire file into RAM (this requires a 64-bit edition of Windows and enough RAM to hold the entire file), and some will only open read a small portion of the file at a time so that it can be displayed without eating up too much RAM and without taking a long time to load.

As for the problem of your hard drive space being eaten up by logs, that's why we recommend turning off debug logging when it isn't needed. If they're not turned off, then they can keep growing and growing until you completely run out of free space.

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yeah, and i've had this logging feature going for a year with hardly any issues.

thats the only reason why i kind of wanted to take a look at what was going on, was because it was

consuming tons of hard disk space...

the game was relatively old, and it was from a trusted source, so i dont think there was any foul

play, most likely... was antiquated programming that was directly accessing the hard disk.

i doubt its worth investigating further.

just thought i'd share that experience.

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It's normal for games to directly access the keyboard and mouse, and thus generate Behavior Blocker alerts. The more popular games will usually be automatically allowed by our Anti-Malware Network, however those who aren't as popular or are older and don't get played as much these days will more than likely generate Behavior Blocker alerts.

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