What should i choose Quarantine or Delete on Files I Know they are bad ?

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Good Day


I have Downloaded a Giveaway Product ,  Just to find out it was not Legitimate  


But I did not install it  I just opened the folder and immediately realized this is no good


When I did a Scan It showed me about 8 registry keys are infected 


I would Like to know what Is my best Option  To Delete  Or  Quarantine ? Even If I choose to uninstall the Product or delete the folder 


as for me I have deleted them Because I know I dont want these Files 


thank you 


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Quarantine is usually the best option, as it keeps a backup copy of the things that were deleted just in case you need to restore them afterwards. If you're 100% certain that the things can be safely deleted, then you may use the Delete option, although even in those cases you can feel free to use the Quarantine option if it makes you feel better to have a backup just in case.

If everything is OK after about a week, then it's generally safe to remove it from the Quarantine.

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