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I sent my referral link to my girlfriend, who then downloaded and installed EIS [version stable [en-us]] onto her x64 Windows 10 computer, build 10240. It's been installed for about 2 or 3 days now, and my subscription still says I only have 2 days remaining at this time.

I am on x64 W10, build 1607, Windows Updates performed daily, Full EIS, version stable [en-us], also updated daily
I can PM my License info to an admin/dev if need be, I wasn't able to find an account number or anything like that.


Does it typically take multiple days to verify that a trial has been downloaded with my unique referral ID?
My gf is thinking of buying the full version, but we're both waiting for EIS to register on my end.

Please let me know what additional info/screenshots to provide, and thank you.
EIS is the only antivirus installed on our computers.

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Hi vinaciousg,


Thank you for contacting our support.


Please could you let me know your personal ID per private message (PM) here in the forum?


I'll be glad to have a look at what might happened. For example I can imagine that you and your girlfriend might used the same public IP address to connect to the internet during the referral process. In this case our licensing system would not perform the extension automatically to prevent misuse of our customer referral rewards program.


Also you might want to consider purchasing a 2-PC key for Emsisoft Internet Security and share it with your girlfriend as otherwise you would miss good volume rebate if you would purchase separate license keys.


In the meanwhile, if I can assist any further please do not hesitate to contact me.

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