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Large memory consumption EIS Beta

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This is to be expected and not a bug. We scan many files in parallel to take advantage of modern multi-core CPUs. This means, unlike a lot of other applications, we do use all the resources provided by your CPU to finish scans quicker. So while other programs are capped at for example 25% CPU because they can only fully utilize one CPU core of a quad core system at a time, we are not. This is not due to poor coding on our part, but due to outdated and improper design of other, similar applications. If for any reason you do not want EAM/EIS to use all your CPU cores, you can adjust the performance settings and limit it to only certain cores or reduce the priority of our scan threads so they do not get in the way of other applications you run.

Since we do scan multiple files at a time, it also means that we will need a lot more memory. If we are scanning 8 100 MB files at a time for example, we need 800 MB just to store the files' content. Again, you can adjust this value by tweaking the number of threads (which equals the number of files scanned in parallel) in the performance settings.

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Hi Andrey,


Emsisoft Internet Security in easy consumes 264 MB of memory, when you add 10 files to the quarantine memory consumption immediately increases to 327 MB and continues to grow. Quarantine increases the memory consumption.


This is expected too. Even if the program start in quarantining multiple files at one point the consumption should stop at certain point. If the program eats all the memory and make the system not usable, please let we know.



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