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GUI freeze at Protection-->Application Rules --> Edit Rule screen


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To  my mild surprise, this morning EIS automatically updated from v. 11. x x x to v. under Win10 x64 -- surprise because I thought the upgrade from v. 11 to v. 12 required the user's affirmative decision and manual download of the installer, even with beta updates enabled. But that's not my main point.


While exploring the new GUI, it froze at the screen shown in the title above. As the attached screenshot shows, the edit window was incompletely drawn and showed no controls on the right side of the title bar. An attempt to clear the screen by "Shut down protection" failed. The only way to clear the frozen screen, short of rebooting, was to (alt-ctrl-delete) log off and log back on again to cause explorer.exe and the desktop to reload.


After the one-time freeze, I couldn't duplicate the problem.


No logs, since this was an unexpected upgrade.


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Hi Redactor


I've updated the pinned beta thread.

Last monday we released v12 as public beta, available through v11 beta updates.




Regarding your issue, not much we can do without logs, i'll set this post as 'not a bug'.


Thanks for your feedback

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