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Hello there!


I have a small question. I know when Emsisoft has been installed Windows defender is disabled. But when restarting my computer it takes a long time(about 30 seconds to 1 minute) before defender is disabled again. 

I even use a SSD and i7 but still i takes that long. Is this process going to improve?


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I wouldn't mess with the registry.  There should be an easier way.


1 Open the gui and click on protection

2 Untick the hide fully trusted applications.

3  Scroll down and search for the Windows Defender exe file

4 highlight it and  click on Edit Rule

5  Then click the Always block this application(Impossible to run)  button


That should stop it.

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Not if the Windows Defender service starts first. ;)

You could also cause your system to freeze by doing that.

Doesn't ShutUp10 have an option to disable Windows Defender? Or does it not work anymore?

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