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Set (create rule) as default not working & manual creation of Rule has NO EFFECT..

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This problem i'm about to describe has been on-going, even after format & re-install of the xp-professional operating system.

Set (create rule) as default for alerts, DOES NOT OCCUR.

In other words, no rule is automatically created.

To make matters worse, even if i add an Application Rule, it has no effect on the application whatsoever.

Example : If i create a rule for firefox or anything else & set it to block, the rule has NO effect.

The IDS tab has also disappeared..

If i re-format & re-install the operating system, i don;t have any problem with the above and it all works as it should.

However, after about a week or so of operation, the above faults occur.

At this point, i completely remove emsisoft and re-install & it has no effect in rectifying the problem.

I GIVE UP.. Is this a common problem?? AAARRGGGHHHH!!

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Hi gigdomain, welcome to the forum

1st, please provide more detailed information about your System Environment as in Forum Posting Rules #2)


The problem is not "common" ... otherwise there would be many requests.

At the same time I did report the similar issue to the developers

Mainly it happened after one of the recent MS Patches as far as I understand.

(some other Applications were broken as well; some permissions were reset; there were issues when shutting down the PC because of that...)

I haven't tried to reinstall the system though.

I managed to fix other apps, but not the Mamutu

Basically I'm using Mamutu on this PC for a long time (see the signature) and it worked perfectly

Now the Behavioural Blocker (BB) is out of order.

As you described the rules can be created manually, but that does not work. Say, any Application that is set to be blocked can be invoked without a problem. Few "Trojan Test" Applications will not trigger any Alert.

Have you tried creating blocking rule?

I uninstalled Mamutu & installed EAM - the same story - all components of it are working, except BB part.

I do not remember "the disappearing of IDS Tab" though.

Can you please post an image?

Currently developers were not able to reproduce such scenario, that I sent to them

but I'm sure since there is another similar request they will address the issue and look into that

My regards

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