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Bad translation spanish V12

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 Hi guys. In Protection- Behaviour Blocker - in the bottom (menu Show an alert), only first option is in Spanish language (mostrar una alerta). Rest of options are in catalan language. Correct translation is:


- Mostrar una alerta

- Permitirlo siempre

- Utilizar siempre la opción recomendada

- Ponerlo siempre en cuarentena

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Hi Malake,


Could you please be so kind to check this in our translation file and fix? You can follow this article: https://helpdesk.emsisoft.com/Knowledgebase/Article/View/198/10/how-to-translate-an-emsisoft-product-into-a-new-language-or-update-an-existing-translation you can then post your lng file translated here.


Thank you,


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