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Quarantine Re-Scan


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File was detected by behavior blocker and auto-quarantined.

Later, due to my submission, it's verdict was changed to Safe.


But, after re-scanning the quarantine, EAM reports there are no false positives.

This entries should be automatically purged in such cases.



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Hi Siketa,


Quarantine re-scans are only applied to items that were moved to Q by a signature based detection. (File Guard or Scan)

This is why these Behavior Blocker entries were not re-qualified.


Automatic deletion of items that sit in Quarantine is a no go, as you can imagine.

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There is a major difference between the File Guard and Behavior Blocker:


The Behavior Blocker monitors behavior and doesn't need signatures.

The File Guard scans files realtime, and depends on signatures.


This is why re-scanning items, that were moved to Quarantine by the Behavior Blocker, makes no sense.


 It is more user friendly when files that are save automatic are moved to there original location.



It is not user friendly when EAM would overwrite already restored programs automatically.

This would add a huge complexity and unwanted situations, which requires user input.


This is why items that were moved to Quarantine (automatically or manually) stay safely and encrypted in Quarantine, where they can do no harm, until the user decides what do to with these items (delete or restore)

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