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Big bugs in the update package size of

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Big bugs in the update package size of

I've installed version EMSISOFT IS

I got within three days I checked the update package size.

The first day about 24 MB. :o

The second day is about 42 MB. :o

 The third day is about 49.5 MB. :o

Why does this update package size is too much. :mad:  :wub:

I updated version of the high volume of daily 11 EMSISOFT the problem I had, and I support the report, but the company did not fix it.

There is also the problem now in version 12.

Please make this big problem.

(Total size of the database BitDefender Antivirus is published on a weekly basis is about 170 MB), but EMSISOFT receives 50 megabytes per day.?


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