Can NOT Unistall EMIS 12 !

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For a variety of reasons I wanted to do a clean re-install of EMIS 12.


I WAS NOT ABLE TO UNINSTALL EMIS 12 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I get the Windows error message "file C:\Program Files\Emisoft Internet Security\unins000.msg is missing."


Obviously, I could not fix the problem by reinstalling EMIS 12 over the current install because EMIS won't do that.


How do I fix this totally unacceptable issue??


I have no clue how/why that file went missing; no other program removed it; I do not clean my registry;NADA.


I upgraded from EMIS 11 to EMIS 12 via Update.


If I decide to renew my license for a third year next week, I would like it to be by my free will -- not because I have no other option.


[ If Emsisoft used Avangate as it's sales agent, like Bitdefender, I would say this was a typical Avangate style of an illegal renewal marketing strategy :-) ]

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The System Restore can delete our uninstaller (it's fairly common actually), as well as out services and drivers. I'm glad to hear that Emsiclean worked for you. Note that you can run Emsiclean again to make sure that everything was removed, and you may want to manually check for the Emsisoft Internet Security folder in C:\Program Files or C:\Program Files (x86) to make sure that is has been deleted (or at least that everything in it except the Quarantine folder has been deleted).

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