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EIS v12 gui position on screen

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I'm running EIS v12.0.1.6859 on a laptop with a screen resolution of 1366 x 768.


Every time I open the EIS gui, part of the EIS gui is hidden below the taskbar and obscures some of the burttons at the bottom of the gui - see screenshot.


If I move the EIS gui to the ccentre of the screen (for example), it will stay in this position for the current session, but then reverts back again again to the partially hidden position.


This is a relatively new clean installation of v12 (it used to happen with v11 as well).


I know this is only a minor cosmetic issue but it would be good if EIS somehow remembered the last position of the gui so that I don't have to move it every time - is there any way of forcing it to do this ?





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Well, I have to confess that I was wrong when I stated that it only retains its position for the current session - apologies for that.


When I turned my machine on this morning, it had remembered its position on screen from yesterday, and it has also remembered its position following a restart (and a shutdown) this morning after right-clicking the start button and choosing restart.


I can't explain why it happens or how often at the moment, I only know it seems to happen often enough to be annoying.


I'll keep an eye on it in the coming days and post back if it happens again and will try and determine if anything on my system has changed (software updates etc) just prior to it happening.


Thanks for your response.




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For those who are having this issue, here's how to get us some debug logs:

  • Open Emsisoft Internet Security from the icon on your desktop.
  • In the 4 little gray boxes at the bottom, move your mouse into the one that says Support, and click anywhere in that gray box.
  • At the bottom, turn on the option that says Enable advanced debug logging.
  • Restart your computer (on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 please right-click on the Start button, go to Shut down or sign out, and select Restart).
  • Verify that the Emsisoft Internet Security window is still opening slightly off the screen.
  • Once you have reproduced the issue, open Emsisoft Internet Security again, and click on the gray box for Support again.
  • Click on the button that says Send an email.
  • Select the logs in the left that show today's dates.
  • Fill in the e-mail contact form with your name, your e-mail address, and a description of what the logs are for (if possible please leave a link to the topic on the forums that the logs are related to in your message).
  • If you have any screenshots or another file that you need to send with the logs, then you can click the Attach file button at the bottom (only one file can be attached at a time).
  • Click on Send now at the bottom once you are ready to send the logs.
Important: Please be sure to turn debug logging back off after sending us the logs. There are some negative effects to having debug logging turned on, such as reduced performance and wasting hard drive space, and it is not recommended to leave debug logging turned on for a long period of time unless it is necessary to collect debug logs.

Please note that if you have a lot of debugs logs, then you should not send all of them. There is a size limit, and currently there is no error if the message is rejected due to the size being too large. Normally we only need one copy of the 4 or 5 different logs that have been saved after the time you reproduced the issue (the list shows what time each log was saved). Those logs have the following names:

  • Security Center
  • Protection Service
  • Real-Time Protection
  • Firewall
  • Logs database (contains the logs you can view in Emsisoft Internet Security by clicking on Logs at the top of the window).
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After several weeks with the EIS gui retaining its position in the centre of the screen (where I moved it following my last post), after yesterday's update to v12.1.0.6970 the gui positon has again reverted to bottom right of the screen such that the taskbar obscures some of the gui buttons.

So it appears that one of the updated EIS modules is causing this.

Interestingly, the initial update was only partially successful on my machine, in that it prompted for an application restart, but for some reason, it didn't update a2cmd.exe, a2framework.dll, a2guard.exe. a2service.exe and a2start.exe, and the EIS gui 'about' screen was reporting that I was still running v12.1.0.6859.  The screen position of the EIS gui had changed to bottom right of the screen at this point.

I then did a manual update a few minutes later and it successfully updated these five files and the 'about' screen is now correctly reporting that I'm running v12.1.0.6970.

This suggests to me that one of the other modules (rather than the five that I've mentioned above) is responsible for causing the EIS gui to reposition itself below the taskbar.

I hope this helps.


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I think you saw the issue start again because of the application restart after the update. The firewall engine doesn't have any effect on the UI, and I would believe the same issue exists in EAM which doesn't use the firewall engine.

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I don't think it is the root cause of the problem, I just think it caused the problem to resurface. We still have a bug report open on this, and our developers will take a look at it as soon as they are able to. ;)

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