EIS v12.x - No whitelist button anymore

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Just re-installed Emsisoft Internet Security (v12)

As with earlier versions I intended to add MBAM and one or two other applications to the whitelist.

Frankly though, this is more a kind of 'habit'/'tradition' so as to avoid possible conflicting issues,

rather than that the applications were (or had indeed been) causing problems.

In the previous versions the button resided under 'Protection'->'File Guard'.


Has this option been removed?


Surely it will be mentioned somewhere on the Emsisoft site or here.

Have vainly been searching for it. The F1 Help->Index - search: whitelist - no hits.





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Note that you can now exclude an entire folder and all files in it (including subfolders) with an asterisk. As an example, lets say you want to exclude everything in the Steam folder, including all of the games that are installed. The exclusion would look like the following:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\*

Just be careful with the wildcards. It is possible to accidentally make an exclusion with wildcards that matches folders/files that you didn't intend on excluding, which could cause major security issues. I recommend keeping your exclusions simple in order to avoid this (such as a single folder and all subfolders like above).

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