strange scanning detection discrepancy [Resolved]

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Greetings all,

With the latest Signatures I got "high risk" flagging of the Software I am using for ages SearchEverything (always having the latest version)... see attached report

Sure, that is an FP ∧ the file was submitted.

EAM is flagging it only as a process when the Software is left active & the Quick scan is performed

Usually if such thing happens (and the file is flagged as a Trojan) you can always scan the file itself (Shell Extension) or by the Custom Scan checking the folder where the file resides - you will get the same detection

Not in this case. The file itself is not flagged using the two latter methods

This is the 1st time I encountered such discrepancy

The explanation by developers will be appreciated

My regards

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The FP was fixed

The confirmation e-mail was received this morning after submission from the detection list yesterday evening - pretty fast, thanks

I will mark the case as "Resolved",

but still it would be nice to know why the process in memory was flagged, but not the file, when scanned separately

My regards

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