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hijackree result, how to kill process?

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I'm new to this forum and hope someone could help me. I recently downloaded something in the torrent that has a BHO.win32.Zwangi!IK ( i know i shouldn't have done that!)

Then my computer slow down for a while and then the bluetooth keep popping that it wants to access the comp.

I downloaded the emsisoft and quarantine it.. for 2 days it always come out, i decided to delete it... i want to put my portable hard disk but I'm afraid it might get infected with lurking trojans etc.. i don't want to loose my photo and docu files.

i came across hijackfree in emsisoft and got the online analysis. However, I don't know how to kill the process? there's quite a lot i found with the X mark. (it says added by worms, trojan etc.)

Please advise me. I will apreciate it so much!


busy mom

pls click for the hijackfree analysis

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Hi kasablanca , welcome to the forum

1st, posting just the file name or the alleged infection name does not provide any information

The location of the files / precise names of files and/or Registry Entries ; processes, etc. are required. The same applies to the detections names. All that info should be in the saved report produced by EAM. That will be one of the steps in the instruction (see below)

HiJackFree (whether you have its on-line analysis or locally produced report) is the Tool for advanced users only.

In addition it cannot be used alone as a malware removal Tool.

So be careful and do not make your own decision unless you know what you are doing.


Read the following instructions

START HERE, if you don't we are just going to send you back to this thread <--click

Prepare and post (attach) the required log files into Malware Removal section of the forum

(create new thread there)

Wait for reply from ShadowPuterDude, Katana, or JeanInMontana

for assistance and further instructions.


Translation Links for Forum Instructions

You can reply here and ask any moderator to move this request into "Malware Removal help" section, if you want the detailed investigation

My regards

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