Suspect something; not sure what - need advice for next steps

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My system was running a little sluggish yesterday, so ran the below as listed.  After JRT ran something was seriously wrong.  Tried troubleshooting but it didnt work.   Had to restore Windows.  


This is what I did:  

 EEK (nothing found) and FRST. Addition_03-12-2016 20.17.08.txtFRST_03-12-2016 20.17.08.txt 

Then I ran Chrome cleanup tool, nothing found.  Reset Chrome.

Then Hitmanpro  HitmanPro_20161203_2035.log

Then ADWCleaner.  AdwCleanerS0.txtAdwCleanerC0.txt

Then JRT......and everything seized.   JRT.txt


Things are mostly back to normal but is there something here I should worry about?

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Actually, I just noticed in looking at the JRT report that I ran Windows Home but I have Pro.  Perhaps thats what caused the issue.  

Please close this; will check back in if I experience future problems. 


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