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System Environment: Windows XP,Service Pack3,X86

Other Security Software:

On demand: Emergency Kit 1.0,Malwarebytes Anti-Malware 1.46,SUPERAntiSpyware Free Edition 4.42.1000

Realtime: Avira AntiVir Personal - Free Antivirus

Firewall: Windows XP Firewall

Emergency Kit detects Trace.Directory.Lottso!A2, I have tried quarantining these 3 items but when I do a downloadable game I play doesn't remember my stats or progress in the game it resets also after playing the game again I get another detection of Trace.Directory.Lottso!A2.

After reading information about it by clicking on the detection it sounds like the game program is storing information in a known spyware/adware location. Is it alright for this program to store settings there and should I whitelist it? Thanks.

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Hi f4uju87, welcome to the forum

The short answer to you question at the end of you post:

If you trust the Software then just White-List

======= other than that =======

Traces are not necessarily dangerous

You can search this or the old forum with keywords “traces”; Trace.Directory” ; "Trace.Registry" or alike and find many discussions

Read this article: Spyware Traces in Detail

Since you performed the quick scan only – the traces were flagged but the Software (files) itself were not scanned (unless the process is active)

You may consider to scan the Software as well (Choose Custom Scan of the folder, for example if you don't want Deep scanning)

In addition, especially if associated files are flagged - you can submit as described in Submitting suspected False Positives for analysis


if you trust the Software then just White-List, because indeed the traces can reappear as soon as you rerun the Software

Here is one of the threads:

Please ask if any other questions

My regards

P.S. Be careful though with “Trace.Directory”, since quarantining that can remove the whole Software

Always check before making decisions … see this Sticky

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Hi Lynx, I just wanted to come back and tell you thank you for your help and replying to my post. I guess sometimes i get too paranoid when any kind of malware is found and i feel better talking to someone that knows more than i do about it. I don't really know how to tell if a file is bad or not other than running a antimalware program so thanks for your advice.

I have run deep scans with Emergency Kit before the one i posted but its always just found the same 3 files never the program itself. I decided to unquarantine the file for now and trust the program i figure if its from a well known company like pogo or oberon-media i don't think they would want to risk losing business by installing spyware into their games.

Thanks again u got a good heart helping so many people out there, i think i would get frustrated or overwhelmed if it was me lol, i always look for your name if i ever search the emsisoft forums its the most recognizable one to me and i like reading your advice.

Take care and thank you very much again.

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It's high time to tell user which is harmful or not.Most users don't have enough knowledge about malware and you can't expect us everyone to be professional.

Flagging only folders is not reasonable at all since the trace cookie and folder pose no harm at all.By my standard the PC is clean but got too many flagging of this kind that may only upset users.

There above are personal notes.

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Thank you for the reply & kind words, f4uju87

Don't be frustrated & never panic :)


P.S. That was "Trace.Directory." Ray, but not the Trace.Tracking.Cookie - "a bit" of a difference ;)

Sometimes that's not bad if you can remove whole folder with the Software that indeed presetning a threat

My regards

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