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Problem with your protection for Mobile .  adroid 6 on Samsung Galaxy A5 2016. I understand the pin code that is generated must prevent the removal of your product from the device administrators.  without entering the correct PIN code it must not be possible to turn it off and take away his admin rights. However, this protection does not work

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Hello muadddibb,

Thank you for contacting us here.

Please excuse my delayed reply here, I think I discussed your topic with one of my colleagues from our Russian support department today, but I'm unsure if you've already received a reply. If you don't mind lets handle the problem here, but whichever way you prefer shall be the way to go.

What you describe should be true, if Emsisoft Mobile Security is installed and set up properly with all permissions needed for this specific functionality you should need the PIN you've defined in the app during the setup process before being able to either remove admin right or remove the app.

So I suspect you already tried to remove Emsisoft Mobile Security and the PIN code was not requested. Is Emsisoft Mobile Security installed on your mobile device currently?

If so, please could you open the app and visit the "Account info" screen via the main menu. Do you see a button "UNINSTALL" there?


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Dear muadddibb,

Thank you for your reply.

As for activating the full version again, only the email address is needed if you already entered your activation code from your last order one time. Please refer to my reply to you in the other support thread here where I just posted a reply for you.

If you cannot see the Uninstall button then this means Emsisoft Mobile Security is not set up fully until now. Please make sure to visit the "App Lock" screen and also the "Anti-Theft" screen in the app itself. You will be asked to provide various permissions and create a PIN code which are all things needed in order to make functionality of our security app work. Once Emsisoft Mobile Security has all permissions needed you will see the UNINSTALL button at the described spot.

If you then try to remove our security app it will ask you for the PIN before it can be removed from your mobile device.

I hope this information helps, please just let me know if I can assist any further.


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