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How Should EAM Be Configured When Making System Backups And Images?

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New to EAM ... just have a couple of usage questions.

1. How should EAM be configured when I make system backups and images? Should I right click the tray icon and select "Protection status > Disable all components" ... or ... select "Pause protection > Disable until computer restart"? Is that sufficient or is there something else I should do? Should any of the EAM files be excluded from backups and system images ... and if so which ones?

2. Tracking cookies ... what should I use to remove them?






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Hi Ken,

I reply you by points:

1- Actually there is no necessity to disable EAM protection to make a backup. Also it depends on the program you use to make the backup. Depending on that you could decide to disable EAM to speed-up the process. In general, our advice is to keep all protections on.

2- Emsisoft products don't remove tracking cookies.

Let us know your feedback!

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