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I have a question ... I have on my phone programs as the topic and I wanted to ask you whether it makes sense to run the AdGuard safe browsing and firewall if it is too emsisioft mobile security that has safe browsing?  I ask because I wonder whether it makes sense to use safe browsing Aguarda since emsi also offers a safe browsing.

AdGuard has anti phishing protection and  emsi too?


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Dear QoniRath,

Thank you for contacting us here in our support forum.

Currently I'm not aware of any problems specific to AdGuard with Emsisoft Mobile Security. I would recommend to give it a try and test if it works well for you. I'm not familiar with AdGuard but you might want to ad exclusions for Emsisoft Mobile Security if this is possible.

With Emsisoft Mobile Security we can offer you a Web Protection security module and you might want to only use either our Web Protection or AdGuards Safe Browsing feature. As both should work similar I can imagine conflicts/slowdowns otherwise. You could simply disable the module in one of the apps.

If you should decide to test, it would be great if you could let us know if the constellation of these two security apps on a phone work well for you on your mobile device.

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