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Warning about Emsisoft conflict


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Installing Eset Smart Security 10.0.386.0 update and got a warning about a conflict.

In March my Eset program ends the year. Of course they confuse things with changing programs around.

I have Eset Smart Security on three computers so I don't know what the cost is going to be. I still have

almost two years left on EIS.

Recommend something ?


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Hi Ken1943,

I replied you yesterday regarding an upgrade for one more computer.

I've just reviewed your reply and realized you wanted an upgrade to Emsisoft Internet Security.

Sorry for the confusion, I'll send you an offer for the upgrade to Emsisoft Internet Security for the price difference in a minute.

If we may can assist please just let us know.

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i just used your offer for EIS.

Thank You


Look at the first two lines. They are from my reply yesterday day. How they are showing up in this post is beyond me. Eset uses the same forum

software and this started there. Then on this forum also.

It is as if lines were quoted. This is either Windows 10, forum software or my settings or Clipmate my clipboard replacement.

At least I have three machines setup the same way so I can test. I am going to logout and go to another machine to test.

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