Help scared for a pop up

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Hi i am navigating on a website and recibe a popup who says my Windows is corrupt and my files will be deleted. When i do that i have EIS installed . I restore my system by a system image. I do the procediments and here my reports. I have 2 cuestions

1.- Do you think i can install secureaplus or semana antimalware to be more secure? or Adguard?

2.- Some add to prevent rasomware


PD I dont know Why my reports are duplicated

FRST_13-01-2017 20.59.06.txt

Addition_13-01-2017 21.02.17.txt

Addition_13-01-2017 20.59.06.txt



FRST_13-01-2017 21.02.17.txt



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That is typical of a web-based scam.  The URLs are nearly impossible to block as they are used only briefly and constantly change.

Your logs look fine.  I see no signs of malware or system corruption.

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