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Recovers files yako - .HakunaMatata - encrypted!

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Hi guys,

our Server got attacked - successfully.

The attack was on 13.01.2017 at about 8:50 pm.


The ransomware encrypted almost any files on the server and added ".HakunaMatata" to them.

It also put a html file called "Recovers files yako.html" in every folder.


I saw an ecrypted log file of the eset antivirus uninstallation at the same time stamp.

It also killed our Acronis backup software.


Is there a way to encrypt my files?

I added the files to the post


Thanks a lot and kind regards from Germany!



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We payed the bill of 2 BitCoins and got the software to decrypt the files. It's working!


I can offer the program but you still need your specific private key.

I can also offer a few of my encrypted files, the public key and the software to decrypt.

Maybe someone can "hack" the ransomware.


The Software runs offline.

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