Command Line Scanner -Odd Modification Dates

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Just reinstalled CLS and noticed that there are some files that have modification dates in the future. This is making my Resilio sync freak out since it's based on date and time stamps. Is it normal for certain files to have future modified dates? My system time when the attached screenshot was taken was 1/14/2017 4:51PM.


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The primary update server is in Germany (Time Zone is GMT +1), so if you are in North American and any files need to be re-downloaded rather than incrementally updated then you may see timestamps in the future (at least for your Time Zone). If you check for updates at least once every 12 hours, then that shouldn't be an issue unless new program files are downloaded.

You can script having A2CMD check for updates using the Windows Task Scheduler if you'd like. Just be sure that the scheduled task is set to run as an admin ("Run with highest privileges" I would believe).

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