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Online Armor fails to start

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18 hours ago, Ross said:

"it won't be able too (sic) anymore" is not really very helpful.

why not? Can it be fixed or do I need to  get a new firewall?

It is failing because we have shut down the update and license verification system for old products. It has been several years since Online Armor has received a product update, new license activations (including freeware licenses) were cut off almost 2 years ago, and other older products that were using the system were no longer receiving database updates.

I apologize if there was any confusion over this. It's been so long since we discontinued support for Online Armor that I wasn't expecting there to still be people using it who hadn't heard about it being discontinued.


15 hours ago, Ross said:

I'm switching to zone alarm ... so long and thanks for all the fish!

Feel free to use anything you want as an alternative. We understand that since our newer Emsisoft Internet Security lacks many of the more advanced features of Online Armor that not everyone will want to use it. Since it was designed for the average user rather than advanced users, it can seem a bit overly simplistic.

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well, emsisoft can reduce visible surface for attacks, so maybe it needs some space to run the program. i think you need to wait several minutes, in encountered a similar situation that i installed android avi but my computer began to run slowly, i thought it was android avi's fault, however it was just because i downloaded much games:D

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1 hour ago, Singinverm said:

well, emsisoft can reduce visible surface for attacks, so maybe it needs some space to run the program

In this case, the software in question (Online Armor) was discontinued, and hasn't been updated in 2 or 3 years.

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