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Problems with autoupdate to build 7138


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EAM on Windows 7 64bit.

Turned on laptop and was logged in with a temp profile.

Logged out and back into my own profile.

EAM started autoupdate and never finished it. Some things such as taskmanager etc were slow to respond.

In the end I rebooted (went straight to my own profile as normal this time)

EAM has not attempted to update again and still says last update was yesterday when I hover over taskbar icon.

I may attempt manual update later, however I think something is broken :( 

Find attached debug logs, screenshot of GUI and update log.


update log.txt


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Can I just check which beta update we are supposed to be on?

In Christian's latest changelog here for 7138


It shows the same changelog details as 7102


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"Have there been any users reporting user profile issues?" (There's no Zitat icon?)
All the icons are greyed out again, just showing cryptic points in a quadrat. When I move over them with the mouse, nothing happens.

Yes, right now, me.

When I started up my laptop a window opened showing the message "Das Benutzerprofil konnte nicht geladen werden..."

So I went on with "Ok" and the notebook behaved as woken up from Ruhemodus, asking me to click the central icon with my username.

This way I reached my normal desktop.

Happened two times from 3 tries since new version 7138 is installed.

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I was able to load my user profile the first time it happened.

But this afternoon the user profile was completely broken and I had to restore a Macrium image I made a few days ago before 7138.

I have no logs Frank because I restored an image.

But something perhaps is not well :(

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What sort of Event might you expect to see which could have caused this for Moreau and myself?

We both seem to have had the same thing happen, first temp profile login and then broken user profile.

Do you have any thoughts?



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Hi Moreau,

I think my colleague already replied on the forum. As a temp workaround you could:

Set the EAM service to manual should do the trick. That will start the service only after the profile has been loaded and the a2guard.exe part starts.


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