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Feature Request: Policy to Obscure Licensing

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Hi Folks,

MSP here. We provide Emsisoft to our managed services clients as part of their service subscription with us. We manage renewals and licensing for them. We want to prevent the clients from viewing and potentially using that license key to activate Emsisoft on their home systems or other systems that they aren't paying us for. They also do not need to be bothered with renewal notices, which send up red flags for them and make it seem like we aren't taking care of everything.

We are also looking into using EEC to provide subscription managed AV to home users over NAT, for these, this feature will be especially important.

I plan to still move forward with a pilot to proof out the concept and will likely have other issues and/or feature requests but wanted to put this request out there for now.




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What exactly is your question ?

If you assign the 'No access' or 'Read only' permission to your EAM clients, EAM will handle all alerts automatically and clients won't be able to view the license.

I'd have to check about the license end notifications.





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Hi Frank,


Sorry I left things out so I totally understand your confusion. It's not a question at all but a feature request.

The idea here is to provide managed antivirus to these users. Since this will be on their home computers, they will need to have full access to be able to disable/enable and modify settings, but I don't want them nosing around the licensing to get the key and install on other computers. I also don't want them to get renewal notifications as we will be handling that behind the scenes. Specifically, what I'm hoping for would be a Computer or User policy that effectively prevents access to the "License" tab. Or allows access but has a generic message (much like the Permissions tab does currently). Bonus points for a way to provide contact information for the managing entity so the user has someone to call about it.

Having it work this way is important for my use-case but would also be good for any sort of managed IT environment. In which case, I wouldn't expect the end users to have any interaction or control of the licensing without doing anything as drastic as No Access or Read-Only. (And even in Read-Only, I believe they can still see the license key)

We might experiment with setting managed AV clients to no access, but my expectation is that may just make them mad. :)

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Hi caretechit,

Thanks for your feedback.

We will think about your requirements as they make sense for MSP's indeed.


(And even in Read-Only, I believe they can still see the license key)

they can't ;)

I'm looking forward to your other findings and (eventual) additional requirements.

Have a nice weekend.


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Hi caretechit,

The latest Emsisoft Enterprise Console version (2017.3) contains a new set of customer care policies that allow you to disable license expiration notifications, hide license key, disable purchase and renewal button, hide news area on overview screen. You can check the release notes at http://changeblog.emsisoft.com/2017/03/31/emsisoft-enterprise-console-2017-3-released/


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On 4/3/2017 at 7:00 PM, Robert2017 said:

I was wondering the same thing about License keys and popup notices.

License keys already can be hidden by applying customer care settings

Popup notices: I think you mean Notifications. These can be hidden in Settings / Notiications

does this help ?

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