How do I access the anti-theft feature?

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As an Emsisoft AntiMalware user on my Windows 10 PC I just installed the mobile security product. I was only given the option to register it with my Google account, which is not the same account as I used to register the Windows 10 product. Is there any way to merge the two? Also, where is the website I need to access the anti-theft features like remote lock, photos etc.?

Thank you.

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Dear scgf,

Thank you for contacting our support.

Our license center at is only here to manage license keys for our desktop products, for Emsisoft Mobile Security a different portal exists where mobile devices can be managed instead.

As requirements for the online portal of our mobile app are different from the requirements of our desktop products and especially the licensing system works differently, a separate web portal is used for Emsisoft Mobile Security - you can find it and access all anti-theft features here:

Thank you for using our software solutions, should you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me again.


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