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Thanks, are you looking for the results of this to analyze or does this tool actually remove the malware from a potentially infected pc?  This has gone through and infected 1000's of files on my file server.  There is no fix for this as of yet correct?

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The scan will give you to delete or quarantine any files detected yes. If you want to be sure you can delete everything found, please feel free to post the scan log here.

Based on your information decryption is not possible. Just to be sure you identified the correct variant, you can check it here: https://id-ransomware.malwarehunterteam.com/

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TBH, in that case I'd just wipe/reinstall the server because since encryption is not possible, it is unlikely you will be able to restore functionality (you can reinstall a number of programs, but if IE's been affected, then likely so are other Windows components.

You can transfer files using a flash drive, just make sure it does not contain anything important in case the encryption process is still active. The actual executables shouldn't spread on a USB drive, meaning that content could be encrypted, but it could not be used to transfer the infection to another computer.


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