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Is there any formal documentation outlining the format and data fields/descriptions that we can expect to receive as webhooks notifications? Looking to use this to push automatic ticket creation/resolution into our PHP-based CRM system.




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This is a dirty example of the webshooks:

when webhook is set up and the url is specified for the event, EEC posts to webserver (e.g. 

{"source":"Emsisoft Enterprise Console","computername":"MSEDGEWIN10","type":"Immediate infection alert","timestamp":"2017-01-29T21:17:10.7070466Z","notification":[{"object_name":"Gen:Variant.Symmi.43539 (B)","object_path":"C:\\Users\\john\\Desktop\\0b8c07a255afdf6fc220877540341fc5_512f4967a50ae3cfa5e3b6cfae0c82d965e12f80.exe","object_type":"Malware","module":"File Guard","action":"Quarantined","computername":"WORKGROUP\\WIN7DEPLOY","username":"johne","timestamp":"01/29/2017 21:17:05"}]}

hope this helps

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