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Feature Request: More client management

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Our previous antivirus system also had a console but with many more client management features. For example, I could wake a sleeping system, reboot or shutdown a client, or open a remote session to a built-in VNC service. Also I could get a list of what software was installed where, convenient for knowing who needs something updated or who has installed a rogue software we don't want. Unfortunately the agent service that provided these abilities was prone to eating all available memory and causing problems, part of the reason we are looking at replacing it.

Are any of these or similar features on the drawing board for a future release?

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Hi Jerry,

No, sorry, general remote management features are not on our todo list at the moment.

We prefer to avoid any bloat and better focus on the actual core functionality: Protect the computer from threats.



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I agree its best to focus on core product not a bunch of "features" that will turn it into bloatware. If you are looking for remote access management / apps list / software versions on the client I would look at PDQ deploy and Inventory its what they specialize in.  

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