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Hi, we were hit with Al-Namrood 2.0 back in December... everything would have been fine had we had a proper backup structure... or even if the same guy who set up our backup structure hadn't run the falty decrypter we were sent after paying the ransom without taking a proper system-state backup first, then he reformatted the drives and reinstalled the OS and tried to convince us we needed a $10 000 disaster recovery system (Apparently this guy has been providing these services to people for over 15 years)...

Anyway, now we are stuck with a plethora of encrypted files. But, we do have good versions of some of the encrypted files (variety of file types) that we were able to recover from emails, so a colleague of mine and I have been working on cracking the encryption.

I was wondering if you guys would be interested in taking, no pun intended, a crack at it?


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