a2cmd cannot scan UNC paths?

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I scan a infected file on a UNC path, e.g. \\SERVER\SomeShare\SomeExe.exe with a2cmd.exe (in service mode).

a2cmd says scanned : 0, found : 0 and returns 0 = No infections were found

When scanning the same file on a local disk it detects the infection and cleans it.

Why is this?


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I checked again, it looks like scan works ok on a Server 2012 R2 share but on a QNAP NAS (active directory enabled) it just does not scan, although permissions include read and write for the file:

Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.14393]
(c) 2016 Microsoft Corporation. Alle Rechte vorbehalten.

C:\WINDOWS\system32>"C:\EmsisoftCmd\a2cmd.exe" /s /dq /a /f="\\nas\Software\SMB_Catalogue_2016.pdf"

Emsisoft Commandline Scanner v.
(C) 2003-2016 Emsisoft -

Emsisoft Commandline Scanner - Version 12.2
Last update: 13.02.2017 13:44:22

Scan settings:

Scan type:                              Custom Scan
Objects:                                \\nas\Software\SMB_Catalogue_2016.pdf

Detect Potentially Unwanted Programs:   Off
Scan archives:                          On
ADS Scan:                               Off
File extensions:                        Off
Direct disk access:                     Off

Scan start:                             13.02.2017 13:48:16

Scanned            0
Found              0
Removed            0

Scan end:          13.02.2017 13:48:16
Scan time:         0:00:00


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Would you be willing to get us some Scan Engine Debug Logs? If so, then there's a batch file to turn the debug logging on/off at the following link:

It's capable of prompting for admin rights, so you should be able to just double-click on it to run it. If you have trouble with it, then you can try running it manually from an elevated Command Prompt.

When executed, after obtaining admin rights, the batch file will display a menu and wait for input. Just press the number for the logs you want to enable (should be 3 in this case) and then press Enter to enable them, then you can just keep pressing "Enter" until the batch file exits (no input at the main menu = exit). If you are using the service option with A2CMD, then you will need to restart the service manually (either services.msc in the Run dialog and look for the Emsisoft Command Line Scanner Service, or use the sc stop a2Cmd/sc start a2Cmd commands in an elevated Command Prompt).

Once the service has been restarted, you can run your scan with a2cmd.exe and when it is done there should be a log named ScanEngineDebug.log in the same folder as a2cmd.exe which you can ZIP and attach to a reply.

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