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My nephew accidently downloaded a questionable .exe onto my PC.  It hasn't been executed to I decided to check it up on your excellent  www.isthisfilesafe.com page.  It turned out to be infected, (screenshot attachment included) but before I deleted the file I decided to run a custom scan (one that I set up to scan the download folder) with EEK.  However, EEK didn't detect the executable and I was wondering why.  Thanks.

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You can always check suspicious files on Virustotal.com.

Maybe this file is detected by the Cloud due to data from Anti-Malware and Internet Security users but not yet in the signatures of Bitdefender  or Emsisoft.


Have you updated EEK by clicking the far left tile on the main screen before scanning the file?

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IsThisFileSafe.com shows the reputation of the file based on whether users of Emsisoft Anti-Malware and Emsisoft Internet Security chose to allow or block a file. Those files won't always be detected by our scanner, as they don't always qualify as "malicious" (people may have other reasons for blocking something, such as it being an annoyance, or simply being suspicious).

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