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As I had seen users in EEK forum mentioning unsigned drivers I thought I would try an replicate it.

I downoaded 6971 on Win 10 64 bit and got these 2 screenshots.

EEk opened when I clicked on the 'start emergency scanner'

No debug logs were produced as Emsisoft logging said I had turned it off:o

I have provided the logs saying this in this thread here



Screenshot (14).png

Screenshot (15).png

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Thansk stapp,

I guess you are pointing to the installer 'not responding' message ?

I just have installed EEK, noticed the same, installer closes and opens the EEK folder.

EEK is fully functional.it seems to be an installer issue, we'll have a look

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It was here Frank. But obviously things have changed as that was back on 21st of Feb and Arthur has been helping them



I can understand the devs saying it isn't an issue, however if I was installing EEK as a new user and seen that it was saying it was not responding I wouldn't want to use it.

Will see if it happens on new 7222 later.


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13 minutes ago, Frank H said:

Hi stapp,

Those signature issues were clearly caused by other AV's installed on the same pc.



True but that wasn't clear at the time I made the first post in this thread :)

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