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Yesterday I've been infected by a Ransomware that encrypted my files and renamed it like the next example: file.extension.[[email protected]].wallet
And here is some encrypted files.

Please help me.

المهم البارحة لاحظنا ان بعض الملفات في documents
اصبح لها زوج مثيل لها على شكل pdf
وعند محاولة فتح احدها تظهر على شكل رموز
وعلى شاشة الحاسوب ظهرت كتابة بدل الصورة 
الرئيسية وهي كالتالي :
Decrypt files
[email protected]
[email protected]
فهل من مساعدة رجاء
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Hi abdellahrida,

Unfortunately, we can't decrypt your files for free. I suggest either making sure you change the RDP password to be more secure or disabling it if you do not use it as that is how they get access.



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