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EIS Appropriate for a dialup connection?

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I have an extra license that I was thinking about giving to a relative that I am there IT support who lives in a location where she still only has access to AOL dial up.  Would EIS be appropriate for her connection when I can only get to do updates every 6 months or so?  Right now she is using Avira Free, which I can do offline updates for.  I know for Emsisoft I could just copy my updates folder.  But my real question is if there are settings for EIS or EAM that would help her connection speed.

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With our incremental update system, updates for EIS would need to be installed a minimum or 2 times a day to prevent a large download of entire database file (which a dialup connection can't handle). Technically once a day should be enough, but we only keep the last 50 changes to each database file, so if one of them is updated too frequently then 50 changes can be made in less than 24 hours, forcing a redownload of the entire file.

If you only update it once every 6 months, then it will need to download 150+ MB of signature files with each update, plus program files that have been updated. There's also the fact that it won't be as effective at detecting and stopping threats when it is that outdated.

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