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FX 8350 question about scanner settings

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The AMD FX 8350 is apparently 4 physical cores with two threads each making it like 8 cores. Straight up marketing gimmick of course.  Although I'm not sure if the emsisoft software is geared for that correctly. It does show 8 processors but I know that's not true. I guess the other question is. When it shows 8 processors does it mean 8 physical or is it somehow accounting for the 8 threads?  

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It depends on what Windows reports the number of cores as being. For instance, Intel's 4-core processes have 4 physical cores, but each of these physical cores has 2 "logical cores". These "logical cores" allow for processing two threads simultaneously in a single physical core. Windows reports these processors as having 8 cores, since there are (as far as the Operating System is concerned) 8 cores available for processing threads, even though the processor only has 4 physical cores.

The AMD FX 8350 should have 8 physical cores. They may use a similar technology to allow more than one thread to be processed in each core at a time, however AMD typically puts the number of cores in the processor that they advertise, and I have not heard of any deviation from that practice. Intel also puts the advertised number of cores in their processors, however Windows will report them as having more cores than they actually do (I have an Intel 4770k, which is advertised as having 4 cores but being capable of processing 8 threads, and shows in Windows as having 8 cores due to the logical cores).

Regardless, your question was about how EIS handles this. When it comes to the performance settings, EIS doesn't need to know anything more about the processor than the Operating System knows. If Windows thinks the CPU has 8 cores, even though it is a 4 core processor with 2 logical cores per physical core, then Windows will still do multithreading as if it is running on an 8 core processor. Since Windows is managing what processor cores EIS is running on, EIS only has to be concerned with how many cores Windows thinks the processor has, and then manage its CPU affinity accord to that.

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