i need help.rasomware

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The problem I have is a rasomware since most of my documents have been encrypted. Already tried to use scrapers but none works and I do not know what else to do please I need your help. Thanks

With this name appear my documents :

[[email protected]] .[email protected]ydayzz

The rescue request is like the globe.





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I have moved this to the appropriate forum.


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Hi josevm700,

This is a new ransomware, we will need a sample of this to analyse.

Did you install C:\AntiShortCut\

Please upload the following file to VirusTotal.:


  • Please press the Scan it! button for each individual file to produce a fresh scan of each file.
  • When the scan completes, please copy and paste the URL/link for the analysis of each file from the top of the VirusTotal screen into your next reply so that I can review the scan results.
  • Repeat until all of the files listed above have been scanned and all URLs/links have been copied into your reply.






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