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New Version of : Cryakl !

No Fix Yet!


Contents: [email protected]


Come on People, why there is not a single software developer that can scan and fix all?  Thats pathetic!!

[email protected] [email protected]@@@@E62C-0FC6.randomname-KLMNOOPQRRSTUUVWWXYZZAABCDEEFF.GHI.jjj

[email protected] [email protected]@@@@E62C-0FC6.randomname-NOPQRSSTBDEFFGHIJJKLMMNOOPQRSS.TUV.wxx

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Well, since this topic is not about my files that are encrypted, I don't see the problem there. And because you just violated the Terms of Use of this forum, please allow me to fix that particular issue real quickly.

To address your original concern because it did not appear to be clear to you: a lot of malware analysts (both from Emsisoft as well as other companies or freelancers) put a lot of time into finding out ways to decrypt files that were encrypted by all kind of ransomware families. Instead of complaining about the lack of a tool, it would be nice if you could actually appreciate the work they do.

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