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OH I see.....  I enjoyed the Kernelmode read but am not sure how much.  Like finding out cockroaches live behind your kitchen walls.

And I also see why my search missed it - "double agent" vs "doubleagent" and I did not do a "doubleagent" search of the root page for all the support forums. 


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Thanks for the link stapp. ;)

It's unfortunate that cases like this, where someone over-hypes a minor issue, get picked up by so many news services who reprint it and scare a bunch of people. I guess that's news in a nutshell though. When they're scaring people, they get more views, because people are more likely to share shocking news than more mundane stories.

Anyway, while we don't consider this to be a major issue, we obviously aren't ignoring it. We'll do what's necessary to make sure it doesn't get exploited, even though we really don't expect it to ever get exploited in the first place.

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