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Hi guys,

this is the second time I got this message here:


Nothing special about it at first glance, but my Emsisoft is supposed to be german (Look at the Buttons, they are translated ^_^), so there is a translation missing (not that I mind, my english is pretty OK, just wanted to mention it).

But what I am missing is a "no" Button. I know there is an X on the top right but I would love something that removes those mentioned files 'out of the cache' so Emsisoft doesn't mention them repeatedly - because I actually don't care about them.

Or am I supposed to delete the quarantined files myself?


Away from that: I love you guys and I love what Emsisoft represents. Your ethics, your vision ... keep up the good work!

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Even in English the message is poorly worded; that "some of them were detected in wrong" is ... wrong.  Should it have been ... "some of them were detected incorrectly"? 

Also... does the choice, if you select YES, restore all of the listed and unlisted (another n) files immediately (a bad idea for things not even listed, I think), or is there an intermediate stage where one can choose which ones to restore?

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Good question, I've never clicked "yes" because I had no interest in it. I am sure (it already popped up 2 times) it will pop up a third time as well but that might take a while.

If I had to take a wild guess I would say it loops through the quarantine once a month.

I will try it out if it happens!

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