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Event ID 15


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Did we ever get it sorted about why so many event id 15 entries appear in the Windows Event Manager?

I remember this from quite a while agao but cannot find post for it at the moment.

This is from today's update to beta 7353 on Windows 10 using EAM

They say....

Updated Emsisoft Anti-Malware status successfully to SECURITY_PRODUCT_STATE_ON.



Screenshot (16).png

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EAM on Win 10 pro 64 bit  build 7600

I was unsure whether to start a new bug event for this as it also contains another error, I will let you decide Frank what it should be.

I went to look to see if there was any event id 15 in Event Viewer and they were the worst I have seen so far.

It took almost 9 minutes for the updates to 7600 to install via autoupdate. 

Also there were some ESENT errors which I have never had before in my Event Viewer. 

I then did a restart and there are no ESENT errors now.

Did Emsi cause the ESENT errors when updating to new build and this then caused the lon,g long list of event id 15 errors ?

Debug logs and Event Viewer screenshost for cross time reference with debug logs attached



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Are we any nearer with this Frank? See screenshot of application logs after today's update which required a restart. Also attached debug logs in case you wanted them.

Can only attach the screenshot at the moment. Opera crashes everytime I try to also add debug logs.

Will see if I can add them in a separate post.

Screenshot (4).png

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