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Crypton tool: Search Key and decrypt files later

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I'm fighting with the CryptON ransomware for a month and half now.

I'm really happy you come to people like me with a tool to decrypt files. So first of all, Thanks a lot to the Emsisoft team to work on creating a decryptor tool.


In my case, this is my personal server that has been compromised. I have 2.5To of data to decipher...

However my server is built with a low power consumption architecture, so the CPU is not really fast. It is an Intel Atom 1.6GHz. Using your tool directly on my server would take a while to search and find the key.


So my question is: would it be possible to run the tool on another machine (I have a core i7 laptop, for instance) to search the key and then run the "decryptor" tool part on my server to decrypt the files?

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It took around 32 hours for the tool to find the key !!:D Guys you are AWESOME!! :wub:

However, I got an issue with the tool... After a while it ran out of memory... I know it worked as some files have been properly deciphered.

The problem is that the disk ran out of space... My bad I didn't pay attention of the checkbox to delete the encrypted files.

The tool has deciphered many files but stopped working when missing space. I had to cancel the decryption. But nothing was working anymore. The folder select window was empty, no way to select other folder... The logs was working, I saw list of processed files, however no way to copy to the clipboard using the button or with Ctr+L.

So I closed it... :( and run it again... for 32hours.?? :wacko:

No way you can release a version which save the key in a text file and that can reload it on new run? This might help a lot of other users, too.

Thanks anyway for the tool!! I already restored many important files.

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Hi BenSan,

Sorry about the delay, you can run the tool on another system but you would need to have the encrypted files on that system that you wanted to decrypt.

We'll think about adding that option where you can save the key.

RDP is how these criminals usually enter, so please secure it with a strong password.



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Thanks for the advice, but I directly deactivated the RPD.

I had another issue with the tool....

After having found the key a second time... I ran the tool and started decrypting files. After a while the tool froze on a very big file (120GB). But it has decrypted many other a such size. I had to close the tool and restart it again for searching the key a third time...

However, I did a screenshot of the tool when it was displaying the key, in case of need.

Having the possibility to start the tool and load an existing key would give a better flexibility to your tool.

Apart these special cases, your tool is working fine. Thanks


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