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Cant delete some files


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Hi bjproc,

Welcome to the forum.

Since there is no full report attached and we don't know even the type of the scan it is hard to tell a lot.

First those are just Traces. Traces may not necessarily introduce danger.

Read this article Spyware Traces in Detail

Then be careful just quarantine / delete without investigation (see P.S.)

If you are using some legitimate remote control Software (like PC Anywhere and alike or preinstalled Support Software as in some firm-designed PCs) the flaggings could be False Positives.

Please investigate first. Submit the entries from the detection list to EMSI developers

Re-scan after subsequent Updates

As for the message you received and or if your system is misbehaving please read this [sticky] and follow the instructions http://support.emsisoft.com/topic/80-manual-removal-of-this-malware-message/

My regards

P.S. Read this [sticky] That is posted into every section of the forum and may help in the future

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