Ransomware What type

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this log from Stampado   a write id and email a  no decrypt 


Looking for active infection ...
No active infection was found!


Encrypted file: C:\Users\ENGEL\Desktop\comp uvnitř\73DD53B820739A5903D63BC154FB26F4CCCA21525553CD500D1DD6B1B696C47D0E36F672A4E0.locked

Encrypted file: C:\Users\ENGEL\Desktop\comp uvnitř\73DD53B820739A5903D63BC154FB26F4CCCA21525553CD500D1DD6B4B695C47D0E36F672A4E0.locked

Encrypted file: C:\Users\ENGEL\Desktop\comp uvnitř\73DD53B820739A5903D63BC154FB26F4CCCA21525553CD500D1ED6B0B696C47D0E36F672A4E0.locked

Encrypted file: C:\Users\ENGEL\Desktop\comp uvnitř\73DD53B820739A5903D63BC154FB26F4CCCA21525553CD500D1ED6B1B696C47D0E36F672A4E0.locked

Encrypted file: C:\Users\ENGEL\Desktop\comp uvnitř\73DD53B820739A5903D63BC154FB26F4CCCA21525553CD510D14D6B0B690C47D0E36F672A4E0.locked

Encrypted file: C:\Users\ENGEL\Desktop\comp uvnitř\73DD53B820739A5903D63BC154FB26F4CCCA21525553CD510D14D6B1B693C47D0E36F672A4E0.locked

Encrypted file: C:\Users\ENGEL\Desktop\comp uvnitř\73DD53B820739A5903D63BC154FB26F4CCCA21525553CD510D1CD6B0B692C47D0E36F672A4E0.locked

Encrypted file: C:\Users\ENGEL\Desktop\comp uvnitř\73DD53B820739A5903D63BC154FB26F4CCCA21525553CD510D1FD6B6B690C47D0E36F672A4E0.locked

Encrypted file: C:\Users\ENGEL\Desktop\comp uvnitř\73DD53B820739A5903D63BC154FB26F4CCCA21525553CD510D1FD6B7B695C47D0E36F672A4E0.locked

Encrypted file: C:\Users\ENGEL\Desktop\comp uvnitř\73DD53B820739A5903D63BC154FB26F4CCCA21525553CD520D1CD6B1B696C47D0E36F672A4E0.locked


in Philadelphia decrypt  when run decrypt   tool write this reference files missing

please drag and  drop both and ecrypted and unenscrypted file onto the descrypted at the same time


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Hi kasper,

Sorry about the delay, took a little while to add what we needed, but please download the newest version of the decrypter .

You will need to go to options and insert Fabian's mother sucked my dick in public. as the salt (needs to be exactly this), and [email protected] as the email. Then click calculate for the ID. 

After that, you can return to the Decrypter tab and then click decrypt.



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