Need to recover the files encrypted by cryptolocker

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Hi buakbuak,

PCLock is unfortunately not decryptable. You can either backup your files and wait for a solution, or pay the criminals (we do not recommend this) currently. You can also try data recovery tools like 

A good backup procedure is very important and well worth the investment. As a note, Emsisoft Anti-Malware would have prevented your system from being compromised and encrypted in the first place. So if you appreciate our support, why not do yourself and your files a favour and check our product out, and consider buying it at a discounted price.



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Dear Emsisoft team

Passed 2 years after my pc was infected and all files were encrypted. At this moment, is there any decrypter for my case? I downloaded PClock2 decrypter, but when I tried to open it , it gives a message that

"This system seems not to be targeted by PClock..."

Maybe it is because I just backuped all files as you advised and installed a new OS.

Here, I attache the encrypted files again. Origially, the filenames and extensions were not changed.  I just added "_encrypted" and "_original" to the name of files to differ them. If necessary, I can send you some other files with original names. Your site doesn't let me to upload the encrypted file, so I added them into archive files.

Hope you can help me. Thanks i advance.

Your files are locked !.txt

Download Image


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